Daphne Zwarts

Welcome to the about page, Here are my

Stats and Abilities

“About me, who am I?”


A hardworking, organized and result oriented artist
I enjoy putting a lot of effort into the things I create and have quite an ambitious and studious nature. Due to my allround game art education at the HKU I learned how to work with many different programs. After two years of experimenting with software programs I ended up falling in love with 3D software, especially Maya and ZBrush, and started working as a 3D artist. 

Work ethics

Whenever I am working on a project I usually have no trouble adjusting myself to the team and the role I am given due to my social but serious character. The things I like to do most is working on concept art, creatures, characters and assets and I secretly love to work on horror creatures. On the contrary however I also really like to working on ‘serious games’. Creating an experience for others with the intention to make life a little better for them.
A game can become anything depending on the people who create it.
Awards and recognition
2021 – Global game jam – Second place Overall, The Netherlands
2021 – Global game jam – First place Art and Visuals, The Netherlands
2020 – Dutch Game Bakery Awards – Nominated for Best student project
2020 – Showcased on INDIGO
2020 – Global Game Jam – Winner Tech Price, Utrecht
2018 – Showcased on the sustainability market Utrecht 2018


– C#
– Python
– Substance Painter
– Substance Designer
– 3ds Max
– Illustrator
– After Effects
– i-Movie
– Premiere
– WordPress
– Cinema 4D

A quick look at some of my

Concept art and models