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Fairy Lost (2021)

Created during the global game jam 2021 (48 hour project)

My role within the project

UI, 3D characters, 3D animation, Character UV maps and setup


Play as Yuvi, a little fairy who lost her way. Enjoy a relaxing flight through the forest, chase away the evil giant and find the dragon’s stolen egg.

You can find the game on

Spirinse (2020)

Nominated by the Dutch Game Bakery Awards under the category of best student project. By Coolcast.

My role within the project

3D character artist, 3D animator, concept artist, asset production, and for the boss level: “level design and enemy coding”


Spirinse is a 2.5D Metroidvania action adventure platformer. Travel through the chakra’s of the body  and return peace to this corrupted world.

Quackromancer Ducktape re-pair (2020)

The tech price winner of the Global Game Jam 2020.
By Schrodinger’s cat-astrophe.

My role within the project

3D character artist, 3D animator, concept artist, asset production and level design.


Turn into a lonely duck. Swim through the lake, collect as many trashpieces as you can before the timer runs out. Find the right item combinations and become the “quackromancer”.

Our Little Planet (2018)

Showcased at the sustainability market Utrecht.
By Water-Sandwich

My role within the project

2D Character artist and animator. Design, Sprite animations and assets.


Manage your society. You make the decisions. Test your knowledge about the origins of pollution. Are you able to keep your planet safe and heathy?

Grandma's Muffins (2017)

A two-week project which stood on the front page of for seven days

My role within the project

Sprites, promotional art, trailer, level design, sound design. 


Make it to grandma’s house and don’t get caught by the wolves. Feel free to try out the free demo.

Illustration Wolf and Red Riding hood